• As a pet owner, you would first create your account and confirm your email address.

  • Next, you would create a pet profile for each one of your loved ones.

  • Next, upload your pets' vaccination records, rabies certificate, AKC records or any other medical records to share with your pet salon or any other entity requesting these records with the click of a button.

    • Once a pet profile is created, our system will assign a unique identifier to your pet's tracking and insurance section. This unique, 9 character, identifier is called an MPC Security Number, i.e. C01-62-A429. This will ensure that if your pet is lost and found by a stranger, animal shelter or Veterinarian, your pet will be returned to you within hours by way of our patented pet recovery system.

      In addition, our system allows you to input your pets microchip number, rabies tag number or any city or USDA license number to track and find your pet in case your loved one is ever lost.

    • Once your pet is assigned an MPC Security Number, you may then order one of our pet ID tags. Either a pet ID tag with your pets name ad MPC Security Number engraved on the tag or an MPC OR pet ID tag, which has the MPC Security Number embedded into a QR code.

  • Finally, authorize your pet salon. By authorizing your pet salon, you will be able to schedule appointments such as grooming, boarding and or daycare appointments with your pet salon. Most importantly, your pet salon will have 24/7 access to your pets vaccination records, saving you and your pet salon valuable time and money eliminating the need to fax, Email or hand-deliver these records to your appointments.

    It's that simple and you will enjoy the future features and functionalities that are coming.